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Composite experts from all over the world gathered in Luleå

Published: 17 June 2019

The international conference CompTest 2019 was held in Kulturens hus in central Luleå. The conference was very successful and brought together experts in composite testing and model identification from all over the world.

– The conference is known for its high-quality presentations and we are pleased that we managed to maintain the high standard when we now arranged it in Luleå, says Liva Pupure, conference organizer for CompTest 2019 and Associate Senior Lecturer at the research subject Polymer Composite Materials at Luleå University of Technology.

A wide range of topics was presented during CompTest 2019, including structural batteries where carbon fiber composites are used as both structural material and battery at the same time and new testing methodologies with digital image correlation. One theme was about reducing the weight of different vehicles, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. This could be achieved by substituting several metal parts with composite parts. But this requires that the composite material have to withstand high temperature and impact.

– Everyone I talked with during the conference was very happy with the event. Everything from the presentations, the food and the venue to the beautiful nature, says Liva Pupure.