Current research & engineering projects related to Process Metallurgy

Base metals metallurgy and hydrometallurgy:

Comission assignment from Boliden on: Slag products, Electronic scrap and Zinc dross

Wise process routes
. Financed by VINNOVA and Boliden

Removal of passivating layers from chalcopyrite. Financed by Formas

Recycling and residue utilization:

Steel ECO-Cycle, Stabilisation of slag. Financed by MISTRA

Steel research program, Slag products. Financed by VINNOVA/Jk.

”Long term stability of steel slags …” Financed by Formas

Blast furnace iron making:

”Lowest possible coke consumption in a BF”. Financed by STEM/Jk

  • Pellet properties
  • High temperature properties

”Interaction between iron oxides and additives during reduction”. Financed by HLRC

”Raw materials for future iron and steelmaking”. Strategic Research Funding

Oxidation metallurgy (sintering):

”Interaction between iron oxides and additives during oxidation”. Financed by HLRC

”Estimation of temperature in a pellet”. Financed by HLRC

“Sustainable production of iron ore”.  Financed by LKAB Excellence Centre