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ACCEL - Adapted Chemical Composition of materials for Enhanced Laser welding

Published: 13 March 2019

The project ACCEL is a "Vinnova produktion2030" that aims to develop and understand advanced chemical steel compositions and gain insight into their behavior during laser welding and laser cutting operations. This can lead to higher energy efficiency of the processes along with higher robustness and eliminate certain operations in the production chain.
During the project, a new test bed will be developed for faster adaptation and understanding of steel chemistry in weld-like conditions, which enables accelerated production development.

Expected effects and results

The new test bed, here referred to as Snapshot, will accelerate development of steel chemistry for thermal processing. As an effective method for faster sampling, tailoring and understanding of chemical composition of filler material in conjunction with base material and applied welding process, more chemically suitable thermal processing will be enabled. In this project, it will closely imitate the here studied and applied thermal processes laser-arc hybrid welding, laser beam welding and laser cutting.

Planned structure and implementation

Six project partners with complementary steel expertise will study three techniques. Laser-arc hybrid welding is suitable to join advanced high strength steels compared to other techniques, provided the filler wire chemistry is matched. For its joint edge preparation, laser cutting is a candidate to further decrease energy and costs, provided uncontrolled melt oxidation that demands lower speed can be reduced. For bi-metal laser welding of sawblades imperfections can arise that require significant rework by current practices, and therefore needs development of prevention techniques.

Project partners

Division of Solid Mechanics, Lund University
SNA Europe
Erasteel Kloster AB


Jan Frostevarg

Frostevarg, Jan - Senior Lecturer

Organization: Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Product and Production Development, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Phone: +46 (0)920 491675
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