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Sustainable Additive Manufacturing Of Aluminium applications.
Funding by EIT RawMaterials.

SAMOA is coordinated by the division of Product and Production Development at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, starting in January 2019. During the project duration of three years, the international partners will develop efficient Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Aluminium parts, which in combination with part testing and recycling strategies will lead to demonstrator parts in the automotive (FIAT), railway and medical tools sectors (Siemens). 

Additive manufacturing processes are more and more used in industry applications and are highly demanded for achieving complex structures at high precision and high building rates. Especially for lightweight designs, also processing aluminium alloys is demanded. 

Therefore, SAMOA aims to upscale Additive Processes and recycling methods to make aluminium powders and Additive Processing technologies including powder recycling available for the market. The objective of the SAMOA project is to upscale:  

1) the use of aluminium alloys and the development of diverse aluminium alloys for AM processes (IMR), 
2) the powder-based aluminium AM processes including powderrecycling methods (PoliMi, IWS), 
3) the arc-wire AM processes (Siemens) and 
4) direct recycling methods of “waste” material (LTU) from research to market.  

SAMOA will fill the gap of the lack of available aluminiumalloy powder material and reliable, efficient and clean processing of aluminium alloys. Advanced laser processing technologies and arc-processes will increase the energy input and reduce drawbacks when processing aluminium alloys for AM to produce industrially relevant prototypes and implement the developed technologies into production. 

Link to SAMOA homepage: https://www.samoaproject.eu


Jörg Volpp, Research engineer
Luleå University of Technology
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
SE-971 87 Luleå, Sweden
Phone: +46 920 493969, emailJorg.Volpp@ltu.sewebwww.ltu.se

SAMOA is supported by EIT raw materials, a body of the European Union.

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