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Laser laboratory equipment

Published: 11 September 2012

Equipment for advanced research, education and demanding industrial contract work.
For the most part, funding has been provided by Kempestiftelserna, Ltu´s labbfond and own funds.

Laser sources and process heads

  • IPG YLR-15000 MM/WC Fiber Laser: 15 kW continuous laser power at 1070 nm wavelength. 2x 400 µm process fiber through an external 2-way beam switch.
  • IPG YLS-5000 MM/WC Fiber laser: 5 kW continuous laser power at 1070 nm wavelength. 1x 100 µm + 1x 200 µm process fiber through an integrated 2-way beam switch.
  • IPG YLR-300 MM/AC Fiber laser: 300 W continuous laser power at 1070 nm wavelength. Process fiber 50 µm gives with excisting optics a minimum focusable focal point of diameter 75 µm.
  • PRECITEC YW50Standard collimator 150 mm. Focal lengths 150, 200, 300 and 500 mm. Max. laser power 20 kW.
  • PRECITEC YW52Standard collimator 150 mm. Focal lengths 150 and 250 mm. Max. laser power 20 kW.
  • PRECITEC YW52Motorised collimator 150 mm ±8 mm. Focal lengths 150 and 250 mm. Max. laser power 20 kW.
  • PRECITEC HP-SSL-PLUS: Cutting optics. Max. laser power 6 kW.
  • KUGLER LK390FStandard collimator 150 mm. 5 different fokusing mirrors for beam shaping. Max. laser power 20 kW.
  • IPG FLW-D30LStandard collimator 100 mm. Focal lengths 150 and 250 mm. Max. laser power 6 kW.
  • FRAUNHOFER Coax Powder Nozzle 14V5Head with coaxial powder feeding for cladding, additive manufacturing etc. Max. laser power 8 kW.
  • ADLOPTICA quattroXXMulti-focal beam shaping optics with up to four adjustable focal points. Max. laser power 6 kW.


  • ISEL Flatcom L150XYZ= 1500x1700x300 mm. Max. travel speed 15 m/min. Repeatability 0,02 mm. Extra equipment 1x B-axis LES-5 (linear 500 mm) + 1x A-axis RDH-M (rotation max. 69 rpm).
  • ISEL Euromod MP65XYZ= 1000x650x350 mm. Max. travel speed 15 m/min. Repeatability 0.02 mm. Extra equipment 1x A-axel RDH-M (rotation max 69 rpm)
  • ABB IRB 4400/606-axis industrial robot. Working range 1.96 m. Payload 60 kg. Repeatability 0.19 mm. Extra equipment manipulator IRBP L1000 max. rotation 150 °/sec.
  • MOTOMAN YR-UP506-axis industrial robot. Working range 2.04 m. Payload 50 kg. Repeatability 0.14 mm. Extra equipment manipulator.

Laser Additive Manufacturing

  • ACONITY3D Mini: LPBF 3D metal printing machine. Build space Ø 140/55 x H 190 mm. Laser configuration single mode 400 W. Pre-heating 500 °C (option). Max. scan speed 4 m/sec. Min. layer thickness 10 µm.
  • FRAUNHOFER Coax Powder Nozzle 14V5: Max. laser power 6 kW.
  • SULZER METCOSingle hopper powder feeder.
  • FRITSCH Analysette 3 PROVibratory sieve shaker. Automatic sieve evaluation. Fraktions 40, 63, 75, 90, 140, 150 µm.
  • SONOREX SUPER RK 1028 Ultrasonic bathSieve holder for up to five powder sieves.
  • QUALTECH Hall flowmeter kitHall and Carney funnel.

High Speed Cameras and illumination lasers

  • PHOTRON Fastcam Mini UX-100: Example frame rate/resolution 4000 fps @1280x1024 pixels, 800000 fps @640x8 pixels. ISO 10000 monochrome. Shutter speeds 20 ms - 1 µs.
  • IDT (REDLAKE) NR 4-S2Example frame rate/resolution 2000 fps @1024x1024 pixels, 94000 fps @1024x8 pixels. ISO 6000 monochrome. Min. shutter speed 1 µs.
  • CAVITAR CAVILUX HF: 1 x 400 W pulsed laser illumination. Wavelength 810 nm.
  • CAVITAR CAVILUX CW: 2 x 50 W continuous laser illumination. Wavelength 810 nm.


  • ESAB 4000i Superpulse: MIG/MAG welding machine. Max. current 400 A.
  • FRONIUS TransPuls Synergic 4000 CMT R: Welding machine for MIG/MAG/CMT welding. Max. current 400 A (50% intermittens). Robot interface ROB500_4.
  • PROMETEC UFF 100: Beam analysing device.
  • PRECITEC Laser Welding Monitor.
  • FLIR: High speed thermal camera.
  • SERVO-ROBOT: Optical seam tracker.
  • NANOPRO: High speed linear axis. Max. travel speed 100 m/min. Max. traverse length 1500 mm.

Supporting software

  • Analytical mathematical models for all laser processes.
  • FEA (thermal conductivity, stresses, flow (fluid flow): LS-DYNA, ANSYS, etc.
  • PHOTRON Fast Cam Viewer.
  • MOTION STUDIO, High Speed Image Data Acquisition.
  • MATERIALISE MAGICS, STL editor/repair and data preparation for 3D printing.


Access to LTU materials laboratory (SEM, TEM, optical microscopy, hardness measurement, etc.).