Laser laboratory equipment

Equipment for advanced research, education and demanding industrial contract work


  • IPG YLR-15000 Fiber Laser: 15 kW (200 micron fiber)
  • 3 Nd: YAG lasers: HAAS 3006D 3 kW, Lasag 250 W, Rofin Sinar 200 W (diode pumped, Q-switched, 2/4HG)
  • 5 workstations: Motoman industrial robots, ESAB / Held 3223 Gantry Robot, 3 linear system (xyz)

Other equipment

  • ESAB MIG / MAG power source
  • Fronius CMT power source
  • Sulzer Metco powder feed system,
  • Prometec UFF 100 strålanalysinstrument
  • Precitec Laser Welding Monitor, etc.
  • Redlake, Photron high speed video cameras with Cavitar illumination laser
  • FLIR high-speed thermal camera
  • Fiber optics
  • Servo Robotic Seam Tracking


Supporting software:
● Analytical mathematical models for all laser processes
● FEA (thermal conductivity, stresses, flow (fluid flow): LS-DYNA, ANSYS, etc.



Access LTU materials laboratory (SEM, TEM, optical microscopy, hardness measurement, etc.)