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In memory of Hans Engström

Published: 17 April 2020

Our former colleague Hans Engström has suddenly left us. We will remember Hans as a valued colleague and a great source of inspiration.

Hans always had valuable advice to give, both professionally to work efficiently but also how important it is to enjoy your free time. One proof of his positive view is how he emphatically claimed that the summer lasted from May to the end of August and to prove his thesis he wore shorts during that time, regardless of the weather. Hans was a person who was close to laughter, which spread over to his colleagues.

Hans started at LTU in 1975 then at the Division of Materials Processing and retired in 2016. Hans was one of the pioneers in laser materials processing in Sweden where he among other initiatives started Lasergruppen, the Swedish Laser Association with about 50 member companies where he still until his departure was active, even as a board member. Hans was one of the founders of the magazine LaserNytt where he was still a diligent writer. Hans helped start the NOLAMP conference, which is one of the oldest still active laser processing conferences in the world, a conference he has also acted as the main organizer for several times. Hans was involved when laser machining started in Sweden and has been of great importance for its development ever since. He has also contributed more broadly to the production development in Sweden through projects such as Produktionslyftet and through the education of engineers in the area.

Thank you Hans for all you have done for our research area, for all the joy and inspiration you have given. Our thoughts go to your family and friends.