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A near-vertical approach to Laser Narrow Gap Multi-Layer Welding (2020)

Näsström. J, Brueckner. F, Kaplan. A
Optics and Laser Technology, Vol. 121
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Comprehensive study on the formation of grain boundary serrations in additively manufactured Haynes 230 alloy (2020)

Haack. M, Kuczyk. M, Seidel. A, López. E, Brueckner. F, Leyens. C
Materials Characterization, Vol. 160
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Filler metal distribution and processing stability in laser-arc hybrid welding of thick HSLA steel (2020)

Bunaziv. I, Wenner. S, Ren. X, Frostevarg. J, Kaplan. A, Akselsen. O
Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 54, s. 228-239
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Imperfections in narrow gap multi-layer welding (2020)

Potential causes and countermeasures
Näsström. J, Brueckner. F, Kaplan. A
Optics and lasers in engineering, Vol. 129
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Laser metal deposition of copper on diverse metals using green laser sources (2020)

Prasad. H, Brueckner. F, Volpp. J, Kaplan. A
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of laser surface treated 44MnSiVS6 microalloyed steel (2020)

Dewi. H, Fischer. A, Volpp. J, Niendorf. T, Kaplan. A
Optics and Laser Technology, Vol. 127
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3D Printed Parts with Honeycomb Internal Pattern by Fused Deposition Modelling (2019)

Experimental Characterization and Production Optimization
Moradi. M, Meiabadi. S, Kaplan. A
Metals and Materials International, Vol. 25, nr. 5, s. 1312-1325
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A Printable Paste Based on a Stable n-Type Poly[Ni-tto] Semiconducting Polymer (2019)

Tkachov. R, Stepien. L, Greifzu. M, Kiriy. A, Kiriy. N, Schüler. T, et al.
Coatings, Vol. 9, nr. 11
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Advanced manufacturing approach via the combination of selective laser melting and laser metal deposition (2019)

Schneider. J, Seidel. A, Gumpinger. J, Riede. M, Lopéz. E, Brückner. F, et al.
Journal of laser applications, Vol. 31, nr. 2
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An experimental investigation of the effects of diode laser surface hardening of AISI 410 stainless steel and comparison with furnace hardening heat treatment (2019)

Moradi. M, Arabi. H, Kaplan. A
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 41, nr. 10
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Analysis of Melt Pool Characteristics and Process Parameters Using a Coaxial Monitoring System during Directed Energy Deposition in Additive Manufacturing (2019)

Kledwig. C, Perfahl. H, Reisacher. M, Brueckner. F, Bliedtner. J, Leyens. C
Materials, Vol. 12, nr. 2