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3D Printing against COVID-19

Publicerad: 22 mars 2020

(Updated 30-03-2020)

With respect to the global crisis that we are facing, as engineers and being inspired from similar activities around the world, we are putting our 3D printers in producing things that are necessary in assisting the efforts against COVID-19.

This is an effort to synchronise the 3D printing capacity of the region in order to focus on specific and formal requests from the health experts if needed.

If you would like to participate and assist in future needs please mail us at lturoboticscovid19@gmail.com by indicating the following:
Capacity of printing
Contact details

Best Regards,
George Nikolakopoulos


Updated 24-03-2020:


There is a shortage of protective gear for our healthcare people in Sweden and Norrbotten. One type of equipment that can be manufactured by anybody with a 3D-printer is a protective visor. We print the holder that then holds a plastic sheet (overhead) in front of the healthcare givers face. Since friday, some of us at SRT together with XP-el and Luleå Makerspace have created over 300 of these which will be delivered today to Region Norrbotten, Luleå Kommun and Norra Hamn. 

We want to continue this effort and as we have many 3D-printers at LTU we are now asking anybody that wants to help to start printing and deliver them to SRT:s fika room(A2528)  where you will find a box to put them in. Depending on the printer the print time is between ca 30 minutes and 80 minutes per visor.  More information about print settings and model files can be found here: http://faceshield.nu/ For material use PETG or PLA. 


Updated 30-03-2020:


COVID19 is spreading and yesterday we got the second death in Norrbotten and the need for drip protection is increasing. The manufacture of the visor goes on and now the inquiries are starting to come properly. Region Norrbotten Länsservice receives visas and they can be sent to the address below or left at the regional house in Luleå at the reception. At LTU you can also leave in a box in SRT's locker room if you enter there. You can find the file to print here:  http://faceshield.nu/ 

Länsservice address: Länsservice,Verkstadsvägen 10, 96163 Boden

Ps. There have been a lot of writings stating that they are prohibited from delivering and using these in healthcare, but yesterday the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) agreed that they will not pay any fines for this. That is, print on if you want to help!