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H2020-SC5-2016-2017 SIMS

Published: 17 August 2020

The SIMS project aspires to create a long lasting impact on the way we test and demonstrate new technology and solutions for the mining industry. With a selected consortium ranging from mining companies, equipment and system suppliers to top-class universities, the SIMS project will boost development and innovation through joint activities aiming at creating a sustainable intelligent mining system, test and demonstrate new innovative technologies within the designated consortium, consisting of well developed mining operations, selected due to their maturity regarding innovative technologies, world-leading equipment and system suppliers, highly specialised SMEs and top-class universities.

Objectives: Efficiency - To increase resource efficiency and competetiveness Safety - To reduce the risk of rock falls and exposure of workers to hazardous situations Environment -To minimise environmental impact of mining operations Trust - To increase public trust, awareness and acceptance for mining. How: We address the call intelligent mining on land and aim to develop, test and demonstrate relevant technologies all aiming at realising the vision of the intelligent mining system. To meet the project vision and support EU strategies as outlined in the call we have addressed the project objectives by selecting pilot test areas and tests that will support this. Relevance: Specific challenge Raw materials “Innovative pilot actions”: We will bring the most innovative new products in the area of mining and test these in a real life environment in the selected test mines.