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Published: 5 July 2021

Existing EU policies aiming at strengthening and growth are mainly focused on new developments, omitting investments in inspection and maintenance operations due to traditionally high costs. To overtake this, VORTEX aims to commercialize the Vortex Robot (VR) technology developed in 202020 FETOPEN CompInnova, which will increase inspection efficiency in terms of lower execution times, lower operational costs and higher worker safety. VORTEX will focus on the creation of its brand name and expand the dissemination / communication activities implemented in CompInnova to focused industrial events and wider media / press channels, for maximizing societal and market acceptance of autonomous multi-robot systems tackling inspection and maintenance tasks. VORTEX will use as the base the identified aerospace maintenance market and the end-users / customer base formed during CompInnova from within the aerospace industry, to expand on potential stakeholders and customers in wider inspection and maintenance areas. Through the implementation of a commercialization plan, analysis of potential markets, technology assessment and consolidation of intellectual property rights, the envisioned activities will lead to the development of the VORTEX business case. The planned dissemination and exploitation activities will stimulate the formation of an open and proactive mindset towards exploiting innovative tools in infrastructure inspection and maintenance, which are beyond the technical capabilities of existing companies, for addressing the demands for higher human safety and reduced downtime costs.