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COMPRA: A COMPact Reactive Autonomy Framework for Subterranean MAV Based Search‑And‑Rescue Operation

Publicerad: 6 september 2022

Björn Lindqvist, Christoforos Kanellakis, Sina Sharif Mansouri, Ali‑akbar Agha‑mohammadi, George Nikolakopoulos

Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, 2022

This work establishes COMPRA, a compact and reactive autonomy framework for fast deployment of Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) in subterranean Search-and- Rescue (SAR) missions. A COMPRA-enabled MAV is able to autonomously explore
previously unknown areas while specifc mission criteria are considered e.g. an object of interest is identifed and localized, the remaining useful battery life, the overall desired exploration mission duration. The proposed architecture follows a low-complexity algorithmic design to facilitate fully on-board computations, including nonlinear control, state-estimation, navigation, exploration behavior and object localization capabilities. The framework is mainly structured around a reactive local avoidance planner, based on enhanced Potential Field concepts and using instantaneous 3D pointclouds, as well as a computationally efcient heading regulation technique, based on depth images from an instantaneous camera stream. Those techniques decouple the collision-free path generation from the dependency of a global map and are capable of handling imprecise localization occasions. Field experimental verifcation of the overall architecture is performed in relevant unknown Global Positioning System (GPS)-denied environments.