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LiftOff project group
The project group for this year's LiftOff. Ioana-Simona Rosca, Project Manager, Aleksis Pauls Lindemanis, Deputy Project Manager, Diego Octavio Talavera Maya, Business Manager, Pranav Golatkar, Event Manager, Juan Gracia García-Lisbona, IT Manager, Arnau Busom Vidal, IT Manager, Vincent Pujau, Photographer and Linn Friis-Liby, Press Manager (not in the picture). View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Students and companies meet at LiftOff

Published: 5 November 2020

LiftOff is a job fair at Kiruna Space Campus focusing on space related work opportunities, arranged by students for students. – Through LiftOff, both students and companies are winning something, says Ioana-Simona Rosca, student and Project Manager for LiftOff.

This year’s attendees were European Space Agency (ESA), OHB SWEDEN, Isar Aerospace Technology, ACTAS SPACE, Arctic Business together with ESA BIC SWEDEN, IRF, EISCAT, LTU Business and Venture Cup. Last but not least; an appreciated guest was Sweden’s first astronaut, Christer Fuglesang.

Due to Corona, the event was digitally this time. The companies introduced themselves and talked about student opportunities. There was also a quiz based on the presentations, followed by an open panel discussion. More than 200 students from at least nine different countries watched LiftOff on-line and additionally people such as Professors, alumni, and employees from different companies were watching as well.

– We also had a professional speed dating where a student had the opportunity to have a 10 minutes private talk with a company representative regarding a master thesis, an internship, or a future job. Overall, the project group did an amazing job putting this together, I am really proud of the LiftOff team, says Ioana-Simona Rosca.

– We were so happy to discover that even during these special conditions, the students were still willing to interact with our attendees and us.

Why is a job fair for space students so important?

– Students are usually only focusing on their studies. Once done they go directly into the industry. The problem is that most of them do not know what to expect from industry or what industry is expecting from them. Through LiftOff the students get clarifications, their questions answered, and the companies can find talented young people that can fit in their companies, says Ioana-Simona Rosca.

What do you wish the students learned from this event?

– Students often battle between engineering and scientific tracks and which one to choose for a better future. I hope that the fair made them understand that it does not quite matter which one you choose, as long as you do what you like or love.

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