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An advice mechanism for heterogeneous robot teams (2020)

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Asteroid mass estimation with the robust adaptive Metropolis algorithm (2020)

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Balloon design for Mars, Venus, and Titan atmospheres (2020)

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Concurrent attitude and orbit control for deorbiter CubeSat (2020)

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Concurrent base-arm control of space manipulators with optimal rendezvous trajectory (2020)

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Concurrent development and verification of an all‐software baseband for satellite ground operations (2020)

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Discovering Earth’s transient moons with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (2020)

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Gait Optimization for Quadruped Rovers (2020)

Zhornyak. L, Emami. R
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Reactionless Control of Free-Floating Space Manipulators (2020)

Zong. L, Emami. M, Luo. J
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol. 56, nr. 2, s. 1490-1503
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A Software Roadmap for Solar System Science with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (2019)

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Research Notes of the AAS, Vol. 3, nr. 3
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Balloon Ascent Prediction (2019)

Comparative Study of Analytical, Fuzzy and Regression Models
Garg. K, Emami. R
Advances in Space Research, Vol. 64, nr. 1, s. 252-270
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Compositional Distributions and Evolutionary Processes for the Near-Earth Object Population (2019)

Results from the MIT-Hawaii Near-Earth Object Spectroscopic Survey (MITHNEOS)
Binzel. R, DeMeo. F, Bus. S, Tokunaga. A, Burbine. T, Lantz. C, et al.
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Concurrent co-location maneuver planning for geostationary satellites (2019)

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Concurrent Rendezvous Control of Underactuated Space Manipulators (2019)

Zong. L, Emami. R, Muralidharan. V
Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics, Vol. 42, nr. 11, s. 2501-2510
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Concurrent Station Keeping and Momentum Management of Geostationary Satellites (2019)

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CubeSat Mission (2019)

From Design to Operation
Nieto-Peroy. C, Emami. R
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Debris of Asteroid Disruptions Close to the Sun (2019)

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Engineering design pedagogy (2019)

a performance analysis
Emami. R, Bazzocchi. M, Hakima. H
International journal of technology and design education
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Functional Analysis of Software-Defined Radio Baseband for Satellite Ground Operations (2019)

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Gaia Data Release 2 Variable stars in the colour-absolute magnitude diagram (2019)

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