Rymdtekniska system
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Onboard Space Systems

Research of Onboard Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology focuses on concurrent methodologies for the design and development of systems for control, observation, instrumentation, communication and manipulation in the upper atmosphere, in space and on the small extraterrestrial bodies and planetary surfaces.

The research center for the Space Technology Division is placed in Kiruna, the Space capital of Sweden. The town is located on the 67th parallel north, 150 km above the polar circle, which enables a set of unique conditions for space-related research and industry. It is home to an array of space activities, including the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) and the Esrange Space Center, along with a consortium of multinational companies. Several ESA’s antennas are also located in Kiruna, providing facilities for tracking, telemetry and radiometric measurements. Kiruna is a popular tourist attraction for its icehotel, midnight sun and northern lights. It also hosts the world’s largest underground iron ore mine.

Research activities are conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Space Physics (IRF), European Space and Sounding Rocket Range (Esrange) and European Incoherent Scatter scientific association (EISCAT).

Some of our research areas