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Performing Arts

Performing arts can, as the name suggests, mean something that is artistic and that takes place on a stage. Scenic presentation is the educational subject where studies in performing arts are conducted in a broader concept. The scene is not just the physical scene that we may see in front of us when we hear the word or think of the concept. Within the subject, the stage is also the art that is conducted in more abstract or digital environments, as well as the art that takes shape in physical environments that are not primarily intended for stage activities. The former takes its form in what we call audiovisual design and the latter can be called, among other things, site-specific performing arts.

The subject stage production is the main topic in Bachelor of Arts Degree in Acting at the Theater Academy at Luleå University of Technology. Within the subject, practice and theory are studied in various artistic interpretations. Body, movement, voice and speech, song and space are used to bring ideas to life. Performing arts are constantly evolving. A stage artist's area of activity today is broader and more complex than just ten years ago. Therfore, the educational subject stage production, could be described as a subject where limitations for what stage production and acting are, are challenged and renegotiated. 

Stage production is new as a subject at Luleå University of Technology, but the education for actors, where stage production is the main subject, has a twenty-year history at our university and a multi-thousand year history as an art form. In stage production, the artist's ability to interpret and narrate is moulded together into an intellectual craft. The artistic work is in itself a form of resarch and exploration, where the limitations of discourses in time and space are constantly challenged.