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Back row: David Newell, PhD, Thomas Lind, lecturer. Front row: Annika Sandström, professor, Mary Krantz, lecturer, Carina Lundmark, assistant professor, Charlotta Soderberg, lektor.Foto Melina Granberg

High Quality for Political Science

Published: 21 June 2012

In a recent assessment by the Agency for Higher Education (HSV) Luleå University of Technology recieves the ranking High grade quality for courses in Political Science, master and Political Science candidate.

On Wednesday  Agency for Higher Education (HSV) presented the results from evaluation of all political science courses in Sweden. In the tough evaluation LTU's bachelor's and master's degree was given the grade high quality.

The evaluation was based on the C and D essays, that is theses, in the field of political science. The overall review was high, but on many criteria  LTU achieved very high quality.

- Based on this we have the best political science education in the north, says assistent Professor Annica Sandström.

- We have focused on improving our education over many years and now we see the results of this work, says Associate Professor Carina Lundmark.