CASES: Community Appropriate Sustainable Energy Security

3 Oct. 2017, 13:00 - 15:00

Greg Poelzer
University of Saskatchewan

Renewable energy represents one of the most important opportunities for Northern and Indigenous peoples to build partnerships that will have enormous benefits to their communities and to the broader society including business development, employment, and own source revenue streams. This in turn will help address local energy security needs, and increase quality of life, as well as meeting regional renewable energy targets.

Some of the most innovative and impressive Indigenous-business partnerships in North America have developed in the extractive resource sector and there is strong interest to increase these capabilities in the energy sector. Within the context of sustainability transitions in general and energy transitions in particular his project focuses on the opportunities and barriers the will advance community appropriate sustainable energy security, drawing on the lessons from Alaska and Northern Sweden and applying these to communities in Northern Canada.  This project will have a balance of basic research and community/industry/utility engagement, including facilitating sister cities among small communities in Sweden, Canada, and Alaska.  Through building a Circumpolar community of practice, we hope to advance multisectoral and multinational collaborations, as well as to understand the market, institutional, local capacity factors that inhibit and advance the development of renewable energy projects in small communities.