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Exploring scale in social licence to operate: European perspectives (2023)

Lesser. P, Poelzer. G, Gugerell. K, Tost. M, Franks. D
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 384
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Community as Governor: Exploring the role of Community between Industry and Government in SLO (2022)

Poelzer. G, Frimpong. R, Poelzer. G, Noble. B
Environmental Management
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Exploring enablers and obstacles to policy-oriented learning in Swedish marine national park planning (2022)

Morf. A, Sandström. A, Söderström. S
Environmental Policy and Governance
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Exploring prospects of deliberation in intractable natural resource management conflicts (2022)

Johansson. A, Lindahl. K, Zachrisson. A
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 315
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Forest Set-Aside Policy for International Biodiversity Targets? (2022)

Obstructive Bureaucratic Territoriality in Germany and Sweden
Logmani-Aßmann. J, Lindahl. K, Krott. M, Burns. S, Giessen. L
International forestry review, Vol. 23, nr. 4, s. 448-461
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Mining and Sustainability in the Circumpolar North: The Role of Government in Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility (2022)

Jackson. S, Poelzer. G, Poelzer. G, Noble. B
Environmental Management
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The Societal Dimension of SLO in European Mining (2022)

Poelzer. G, Gugerell. K, Tost. M, Kyllönen. K, Lesser. P
Ingår i: The Palgrave Handbook of Social License to Operate and Energy Transitions
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What to do when the mining company comes to town? Mapping actions of anti-extraction movements in Sweden, 2009–2019 (2022)

Fjellborg. D, Lindahl. K, Zachrisson. A
Resources policy, Vol. 75