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A view from the top (2019)

State perspectives on legitimacy and the mine development process
Poelzer. G
Environmental Science and Policy, ISSN: 1462-9011, Vol. 4, s. 32-38
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Does stakeholder participation increase the legitimacy of nature reserves in local communities? Evidence from 92 Biosphere Reserves in 36 countries (2019)

Mohedano Roldán. A, Duit. A, Schultz. L
Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, ISSN: 1523-908X, Vol. 21, nr. 2, s. 188-203
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Monitoring the effects of knowledge communication on conservation managers' perception of genetic biodiversity (2019)

a case study from the Baltic Sea
Lundmark. C, Sandström. A, Andersson. K, Laikre. L
Marine policy, ISSN: 0308-597X, Vol. 99, s. 223-229
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Technological development for sustainability (2019)

The role of network management in the innovation policy mix
Söderholm. P, Hellsmark. H, Frishammar. J, Hansson. J, Mossberg. J, Sandström. A
Technological forecasting & social change, ISSN: 0040-1625, Vol. 138, s. 309-323
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The evolution of public policy attitudes (2019)

Comparing the mechanisms of policy support across the stages of a policy cycle
Jagers. S, Matti. S, Nordblom. K
Journal of Public Policy, ISSN: 0143-814X
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The impact of compensatory measures on public support for carbon taxation (2019)

an experimental study in Sweden
Jagers. S, Martinsson. J, Matti. S
Climate Policy, ISSN: 1469-3062, Vol. 19, nr. 2, s. 147-160
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The significance of political culture, economic context and instrument type for climate policy support (2019)

a cross-national study
Harring. N, Jagers. S, Matti. S
Climate Policy, ISSN: 1469-3062, Vol. 19, nr. 5, s. 636-650
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Understanding and bridging the conservation genetics gap in marine management (2019)

Sandström. A, Lundmark. C
Conservation Biology, ISSN: 0888-8892
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Climate policy support under political consensus (2018)

exploring the varying effect of partisanship and party cues
Linde. S
Environmental Politics, ISSN: 0964-4016, Vol. 27, nr. 2, s. 228-246
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Competing pathways to sustainability? (2018)

Exploring conflicts over mine establishments in the Swedish mountain region
Lindahl. K, Johansson. A, Zachrisson. A, Wiklund. R
Journal of Environmental Management, ISSN: 0301-4797, Vol. 218, s. 402-415
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Ecological and functional consequences of coastal ocean acidification (2018)

Perspectives from the Baltic-Skagerrak System
Havenhand. J, Filipsson. H, Niiranen. S, Troell. M, Crépin. A, Jagers. S, et al.
Ambio, ISSN: 0044-7447