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Adaptive capacity in different multi-level governance models (2020)

a comparative analysis of Swedish water and large carnivore management
Sandström. A, Söderberg. C, Nilsson. J
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 270
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Assessing and explaining policy coherence (2020)

A comparative study of water governance and large carnivore governance in Sweden
Sandström. A, Söderberg. C, Lundmark. C, Nilsson. J, Fjellborg. D
Environmental Policy and Governance, Vol. 30, nr. 1, s. 3-13
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Beliefs, social identity, and the view of opponents in Swedish carnivore management policy (2020)

Nilsson. J, Sandström. A, Nohrstedt. D
Policy sciences
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Ecological speciation in European whitefish is driven by a large‐gaped predator (2020)

Öhlund. G, Bodin. M, Nilsson. K, Öhlund. S, Mobley. K, Hudson. A, et al.
Evolution Letters, Vol. 4, nr. 3, s. 243-256
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Higher education, norm development, and environmental protection (2020)

Harring. N, Jagers. S, Matti. S
Higher Education, Vol. 79, nr. 2, s. 291-305
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Licensing acceptance in a mineral-rich welfare state (2020)

Critical reflections on the social license to operate in Sweden
Poelzer. G, Segerstedt. E, Lindahl. K, Abrahamsson. L, Karlsson. M
Ingår i: The Extractive Industries and Society
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Public support for aviation policy measures in Sweden (2020)

Larsson. J, Matti. S, Nässén. J
Climate Policy
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Sustainable natural resource governance under interest group competition in policy-making (2020)

Orach. K, Duit. A, Schlüter. M
Nature Human Behaviour
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A view from the top (2019)

State perspectives on legitimacy and the mine development process
Poelzer. G
Environmental Science and Policy, Vol. 4, s. 32-38
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Cross-national patterns of governance mechanisms in nationally determined contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement (2019)

Jernnäs. M, Nilsson. J, Linnér. B, Duit. A
Climate Policy, Vol. 19, nr. 10, s. 1239-1249
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Does stakeholder participation increase the legitimacy of nature reserves in local communities? Evidence from 92 Biosphere Reserves in 36 countries (2019)

Mohedano Roldán. A, Duit. A, Schultz. L
Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, Vol. 21, nr. 2, s. 188-203