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Jens Nilsson
Jens Nilsson, PhD student in political science and Teacher of the Year 2015. Photo: Melina Granberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Political scientist became the Teacher of the Year

Published: 10 June 2015

Jens Nilsson, PhD student in political science at Luleå University of Technology, was recently awarded the price for the Teacher of the Year 2015 – after only four years of teaching.

Jens Nilsson is a PhD student in political science at Luleå University of Technology and teaches in the philosophy of science. Among the students can both economists and program students within his own subject be found. To arouse interest in the philosophy of science, that is often seen as heavy and boring, can sometimes be a tough task. But it is also this that engages Jens Nilsson.

– Some students probably like my style in the classroom. I'm pretty pushy and want to encourage discussion. Others may think that I am too forward. As a supervisor I often give much feedback and everyone handles it differently. You have to have feeling for the person or group that you meet and adapt accordingly, which is a challenge. Sometimes I succeed better and sometimes worse.

Jens Nilsson has only been teaching for four years and have gained good course evaluations since inception, but want to continue to evolve.

– It is always possible to improve things. I'll read more pedagogy. Then I would like to find other teaching methods than traditional ones.


Justification for the price:

Luleå Student Union has this year appointed Jens Nilsson Teacher of the Year. Jens is a PhD student in political science and is capable and engaged in the classroom. As a supervisor, he is careful and gives good and detailed feedback without letting go of some requirements. He gives students the tools required to perform and inspiration to cope. This is something Luleå Student Union wants to encourage. It is thanks to teachers like Jens that students find motivation for their studies. Therefore, we give the price to Jens Nilsson.


Jens Nilsson

Jens Nilsson, Researcher

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