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Participants at ICCM22. From left: Gustaf Alnersson, Kristiina Oksman, Staffan Lundström, Shiyu Gen, Jiayuan Wei, Daniel Schwendemann, Han Zheng and Patrik Fernberg. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Eight researchers presented at ICCM22 in Melbourne

Published: 22 August 2019

Three research groups at the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics (TVM) were represented at the world's largest composite materials conference, ICCM. These were Wood and Bionanocomposites, Fluid Mechanics and Polymeric Composite Materials.

The International Conference on Composites Materials (ICCM) is held every two years and this time it was held in Melbourne, Australia. Eight researchers at TVM participated, including Professor Kristiina Oksman, who was invited for a plenary lecture about the use of bio-based nanomaterials in composite materials.

Participants and presentations

Gustaf Alnersson – Numerical study of the 3D flow characteristics during compression molding of SMC

Kristiina Oksman – The story of biobased nanomaterials and their use in composite materials

Staffan Lundström – Micro-mechanical modeling of flow through randomly packed beds of cylinders & spheres: dispersion, deformation and heat transfer

Shiyu Gen - Aligned poly (lactide acid) – based nanocomposites reinforced with in-situ dispersed cellulose nanocrystals

Jiayuan Wei – Biomass-derived electrospun carbon nanofiber networks for high-performance supercapacitors

Daniel Schwendemann – Biocomposites manufacturing using water-assisted compounding of coffee grounds with polystyrene for thermoforming cups

Mohini Sain – Lignin spinning and carbonization to nanolayered graphitic structure

Patrik Fernberg – Thin-ply effects on long-term thermal stability of high-temperature polyimide composites