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The International Material Conference FPCM was held in Luleå

Published: 4 June 2018

From 30 countries, the leading scientists in manufacturing of polymer fiber composites came to Luleå and Norrbotten for the FPCM-14 conference. The material is for instance important in order to make lightweight cars that require less energy.

– The conference was just as good and appreciated as we hoped for, leading researchers came here and the younger participants presented important results, says Staffan Lundström, Chair Professor of Fluid Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology, and responsible for the 14th edition of the International Conference on Flow Processing in Composite Materials, held for the first time in the Nordic region.

Several plenary and keynote presenters had been invited. One of those was Philippe Geubelle, Professor at the University of Illinois, USA. His research group had just been published in Nature, with new findings on how polymer composites can be produced more energy-efficient.

Kristiina Oksman, Chair Professor of Wood and Bionanocomposites at Luleå University of Technology, was also invited as a plenary speaker. Her presentation was about cellulose nanomaterial and how it is used in composite processes and improves the properties of the composite.

– I thought it was a great conference and it was very nice to hold a plenary presentation to research colleagues in the field. It was also fun to be able to show Luleå and Norrbotten for all international composite researchers, many had never been so far north before, says Kristiina Oksman.

In addition to interesting lectures and discussions, the conference also included an excursion to the polar circle with a stop at the great rapid river of Storforsen.

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