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Sofia Larsson, researcher in fluid mechanics at Luleå University of Technology.

Air flows important for pellet production

Published: 11 April 2014

Higher quality of iron ore pellets and less harmful emissions, that is the goal of the research presented in a new thesis at Luleå University of Technology. Sofia Larsson at the subject fluid mechanics, in collaboration with LKAB, has developed a downscaled model to study flow field in the kiln.

– The future goal of the project is to create a reliable simulation model of the real pelletizing plant. Then one can conveniently and time efficient test different fuels, compare burners and change geometries, in order to optimize the manufacturing process of the pellets. This would lead to higher quality of pellets and less harmful emissions during the combustion process, says Sofia Larsson, researcher at Luleå University of Technology.

A problem with the current process is that unstructured flow fields have a negative impact on the flame shape and heat profile. Therefore, it is important to systematically study the aerodynamics of the air flow in the kiln.

– My downscaled model has provided insight into the process and information from a general flow mechanical perspective, with a deeper understanding of the flow dynamics in the kiln. The research also shows the importance of starting simple, because despite all simplifications many difficulties arose both in simulations and in experiments. Now there is a basis for the further development of the model towards a more authentic version .

The project was funded by LKAB and is part of the work at the Faste Laboratory.


Sofia Larsson

Larsson, Sofia - Senior Lecturer

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