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Alumni day -09 with Experimental Mechanics

Published: 19 January 2010

Nine Alumni participated the Alumni afternoon 2009 that took place November 6th. It started of with a joint meeting with the division of Experimental Mechanics and their Alumni and ended with an introduction to curling.


The meeting was opened by Professor Håkan Gustavsson who pointed out the connections between the two groups. Professor Staffan Lundström took over and presented on-going activities at the Division of Fluid Mechanics. The audience did then learn how to set ones research into practice and start a company by Dr. Henrik Saldner, SVIA. Dr. Niklas Davidsson, FMC technologies, who has emigrated to Norway talked about fluid mechanics in oil recovery and did also teach us about famous people from his new country. The importance of patents in the mobile phone business was one of the subjects Dr. Per Synnergren, Ericsson, had on his agenda while Professor Mikael Sjödahl ended the seminar by telling us some stories about his Division through the years. Hence much was presented and discussed but the main question remained. How difficult can curling be? Answer = Even more difficult!

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