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Quartet from the Division met Alumni Markus Nordlund at a Conference in Istanbul

Published: 3 September 2009

Vilnis Frishfelds, Gunnar Hellström, Anna-Lena Ljung och Staffan Lundström participated the fourth international conference on porous media. The conference took place at Yeditepe University situated on the Asian side of Istanbul. The conference is dedicated to most transport phenomena in porous media.

The Division contributed with the following presentations:


  • “Heat And Mass Transfer In a Single Iron OrePellet During Drying”
  •  “Mechanisms Of Fluid Flow Induced Deformation Of Porous Medium”
  • “CFD-Simulations of Fluid Flow Through An Array Of Hexagonal Or Quadratic Packed Cylinders - Laminar Versus Turbulent Formulations”
  • ”Bubble Formation and Motion during Impregnation of Fabrics”


Surprising and to the joy of the people from the Division was that Markus Nordlund who gain his PhD at the Division 2006 also participated the conference. Markus is now a researcher and projectleader at a company in Switzerland which requires that he keep him up-to-date in a number of areas of research.