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From left: Staffan Lundström, Ammar Hazim, Elise Holmstedt, Robin Andersson, Anna-Lena Ljung, Linn Karlsson, Sofia Larsson, Gunnar Hellström och Anders Andersson.

Ten presentations at EFMC10

Published: 19 September 2014

Researchers from fluid mechanics, including chair Professor Staffan Lundström, held ten presentations at the tenth edition of the International Conference in Fluid Mechanics, EFMC10.

The tenth edition of the European Fluid Mechanics Conference was held in Copenhagen at the Technical University of Denmark on 14-18 September in 2014. Fluid Mechanics at Luleå University contributed with the following presentations (presenters in bold):

Shear flow and free surface effects generated by a surface-piercing plate; L-G Westerberg, S. Lindqvist, J. Sheridan and TS Lundström

Grade of geometric resolution of a rough surface required for accurate prediction of pressure and velocities in water tunnels; LR Andersson, AG Andersson, P. Andreasson, Hellström JGI and TS Lundström

Comparison of three turbulence models in the modeling of kiln aerodynamics; IA Sofia Larsson, T. Staffan Lundström and B. Daniel Marjavaara

Grate aerodynamic-Model Strategies for gas flow through a 2D iron ore pellet bed; Per EC Burström, AL. Heather V. Frishfelds, TS Lundström and B. Daniel Marjavaara

Representative volume size When modeling flow through porous structures; JGI Hellstrom, F. Forsberg, TS Lundström and M. Sjödahl

Modeling evaporation of droplets on a heated plate; A.-L. Ljung, TS Lundström

Influence of Internal Natural Convection on water droplets freezing on cold surfaces; L. Karlsson, AL. Ljung, TS Lundström

Simulation of the movements and deposit rates of oblate and prolate nano-and microparticles in a virtual model of the human airways; Holmstedt, E, Åkerstedt, H, Lundström, TS

Experimental Study of the Effect from the bio-solid particles on fully Developed turbulent duct flow; Ammar Hazim Saber, T. Staffan Lundström and J. Gunnar Hellström I.

Free Herschel-Bulkley surface flow on a rotating disc with application to Lubricating Greases; L-G Westerberg, J. Li