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A comparative study on thermo-fluid characteristics of free and wall-bounded cross-flow heat exchangers (2023)

Moosavi. A, Ljung. A, Lundström. S
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Vol. 40
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Computational modeling and temperature measurements using emission spectroscopy on a non-transferred plasma torch (2023)

Siddanathi. L, Westerberg. L, Åkerstedt. H, Wiinikka. H, Sepman. A
AIP Advances, Vol. 13, nr. 2
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Hydraulic classification of hydropeaking stages in a river reach (2023)

Burman. A, Andersson. A, Hellström. J
Rivers Research and Applications
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A dual-lattice hydrodynamic-thermal MRT-LBM model implemented on GPU for DNS calculations of turbulent thermal flows (2022)

Forslund. T, Larsson. S, Lundström. S, Hellström. J
International journal of numerical methods for heat & fluid flow

A Method for Decomposing Surface Roughness in Blasted Hydropower Waterways (2022)

Andersson. L
Ingår i: Svenska Mekanikdagar 2022, Luleå tekniska universitet, 2022
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A Novel Guide Vane System Design to Mitigate Rotating Vortex Rope in High Head Francis Model Turbine (2022)

Joy. J, Raisee. M, Cervantes. M
International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems, Vol. 15, nr. 2, s. 188-209