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Case Study of Transient Dynamics in a Bypass Reach (2020)

Burman. A, Andersson. A, Hellström. J, Angele. K
Water, Vol. 12, nr. 6
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Comparing Internal Flow in Freezing and Evaporating Water Droplets Using PIV (2020)

Karlsson. L, Ljung. A, Lundström. S
Water, Vol. 12, nr. 5
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Effect of process parameters on the performance of an air-blown entrained flow cyclone gasifier (2020)

Hadi Jafari. P, Wingren. A, Hellström. J, Gebart. R
International Journal of Sustainable Energy, Vol. 39, nr. 1, s. 21-40
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Effects of runner change on the Winter-Kennedy flow measurement method (2020)

A numerical study
Baidar. B, Nicolle. J, Gandhi. B, Cervantes. M
Renewable energy, Vol. 153, s. 975-984
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Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Hydraulics in Water Intake with Stop-Log Gate (2020)

Ren. W, Wei. J, Xie. Q, Miao. B, Wang. L
Water, Vol. 12, nr. 6
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Field Investigations of Underwater Mounds Formed by Hopper Dredge Discharges in a Coastal Environment (2020)

Dai. W, Ding. W, Lu. C, Luo. X, Xie. Q
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Vol. 8, nr. 6
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High-efficiency industrial cyclone separator (2020)

A CFD study
Misiulia. D, Antonyuk. S, Andersson. A, Lundström. T
Powder Technology, Vol. 364, s. 943-953
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Hydraulic Modelling of Dynamics in Regulated Rivers (2020)

Burman. A

Investigating Damping Properties in a Bypass River (2020)

Burman. A, Hellström. G, Andersson. A
Ingår i: River Flow 2020, Taylor & Francis Group, 2020
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Investigation of Hydrodynamic Dispersion and Intra-pore Turbulence Effects in Porous Media (2020)

Fallahjoybari. N, Lundström. T, Hellström. J
Transport in Porous Media, Vol. 131, nr. 2, s. 739-765