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Publications at Fluid Mechanics

Article in journal

A Numerical Study on Suspended Sediment Transport in a Partially Vegetated Channel Flow (2021)

Wang. M, Avital. E, Chen. Q, Williams. J, Mi. S, Xie. Q
Journal of Hydrology
Article in journal

Design considerations to prevent thermal hazards in cylindrical lithium-ion batteries (2021)

An analytical study
Moosavi. A, Ljung. A, Lundström. T
Journal of Energy Storage, Vol. 38
Article in journal

Investigation of a Francis turbine during speed variation (2021)

Inception of cavitation
Trivedi. C, Iliev. I, Dahlhaug. O, Markov. Z, Engström. F, Lysaker. H
Renewable energy, Vol. 166, s. 147-162
Article in journal

Investigation of a thin permeable layer effect on turbulent flow and passive scalar transport in a channel (2021)

Jouybari. N, Lundström. T
Powder Technology, Vol. 377, s. 115-127
Article in journal

Localized roughness effects in non-uniform hydraulic waterways (2021)

Andersson. L, Larsson. I, Hellström. J, Burman. A, Andreasson. P
Journal of Hydraulic Research, Vol. 59, nr. 1, s. 100-108
Article in journal

Modeling the Swelling of Hydrogels with Application to Storage of Stormwater (2021)

Åkerstedt. H, Lundström. T, Larsson. I, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Water, Vol. 13, nr. 1
Article in journal

Non-Stokesian flow through ordered thin porous media imaged by tomographic-PIV (2021)

Forslund. T, Larsson. I, Lycksam. H, Hellström. J, Lundström. T
Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 62, nr. 3
Article in journal

Numerical Simulation of a Radial Free Surface Liquid Jet Impinging on a Heated Surface (2021)

Khaware. A, Siddanathi. L, Sharkey. P, Ben Hadj Ali. A, Gupta. V
Journal of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (JFFHMT), Vol. 8, s. 33-41
Article in journal

Numerical Simulation of Steam Bubble Condensation Using Thermal Phase Change Model (2021)

Khaware. A, Siddanathi. L, Gupta. V, Ben Hadj Ali. A, Aggarwa. V, Punekar. H
Journal of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (JFFHMT), Vol. 8, s. 42-51
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Pressure-driven flows in thin and porous domains (2021)

Haller. E
Article in journal

Reduced Numerical Modeling of a High Head Francis Turbine Draft Tube at Part Load (2021)

Joy. J, Cervantes. M, Raisee. M
International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems, Vol. 14, nr. 1, s. 95-108