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Artiklar, rapporter, m.m.

Publications at Fluid Mechanics

Article in journal

A Novel Guide Vane System Design to Mitigate Rotating Vortex Rope in High Head Francis Model Turbine (2022)

Joy. J, Raisee. M, Cervantes. M
International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems, Vol. 15, nr. 2, s. 188-209
Conference paper

A Survey on Drones for Planetary Exploration: Evolution and Challenges (2022)

Giacomini. E, Westerberg. L, Nikolakopoulos. G
Part of: 2022 30th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), s. 583-590, IEEE, 2022
Conference paper

Computational modeling of a plasma torch using a two-fluid modeling approach (2022)

Siddanathi. L, Westerberg. L, Åkerstedt. H, Wiinikka. H, Sepman. A
Part of: 2022 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS), IEEE, 2022
Article in journal

Daily suspended sediment forecast by an integrated dynamic neural network (2022)

Li. S, Xie. Q, Yang. J
Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 604
Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary

Development of the pressure-time method: final integration point and head losses (2022)

Kalantar Neyestanaki. M
Conference paper

Drones for Planetary Exploration: Modeling Challenges (2022)

Giacomini. E, Westerberg. L, Nikolakopoulos. G
Part of: Svenska Mekanikdagar 2022, Luleå tekniska universitet, 2022
Article in journal

Experimental investigation of face mask filtration in the 15–150 μm range for stationary flows (2022)

Öhman. J, Gren. P, Sjödahl. M, Lundström. S
Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 131, nr. 4
Article in journal

Hybrid Modeling for Solutions of Sediment Deposition in a Low-Land Reservoir with Multigate Sluice Structure (2022)

Xie. Q, Yang. J, Lundström. S, Chen. J
Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, nr. 18
Conference paper

Hydraulic Modelling of a Regulated River Reach on Different Scales to Evaluate its Inherent Environmental Conditions (2022)

Andersson. A, Lycksam. H
Part of: Proceedings of the 39th IAHR World Congress, From Snow To Sea, s. 4189-4195, International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), 2022
Article in journal

Hydraulic Scale Modeling of Mass Oscillations in a Pumped Storage Plant with Multiple Surge Tanks (2022)

Pitorac. L, Vereide. K, Lia. L, Cervantes. M
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 148, nr. 9
Article in journal

Ice-Templating of Lignin and Cellulose Nanofiber-Based Carbon Aerogels: Implications for Energy Storage Applications (2022)

Thomas. B, Geng. S, Wei. J, Lycksam. H, Sain. M, Oksman. K
ACS Applied Nano Materials, Vol. 5, nr. 6, s. 7954-7966