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PhD Lena Manderstedt, Luleå University of Technology.Photo Anna Åström

Deficiencies in Swedish teacher professional practice

Published: 3 June 2013

Although the clinical training (VFU), ie the professional practical training, that is highlighted as central for education records, has in reality a weak position. That shows a new thesis at Luleå University of Technology titled "Interaction with obstacles: Intersectionpoints in operational sited Swedish teacher education"

- My analysis shows that (VFU) operational sited Swedish teacher education has a weaker position than the academic part of the training, even though the VFU is praised in all descriptions, says Lena Manderstedt, Ph.D. at Luleå University of Technology.

The educational goals with operational sited training, which is consistent with the government's directive, overshadowed to some extent by organizational barriers, her research shows. Lena Manderstedts thesis is about how the VFU is formulated in training documents for the subject Swedish language in teacher education from 2001, and what students and educators think about VFU.

- A critical point is how the implementation of operational sited training is assessed and in that can both quality and legal certainty be questioned, she says.

Her study shows that VFU mostly is located in linguistically oriented courses and that the content of the subject is formulated vaguely, while the personal skills and qualities of teachers dominate.

- The teacher who is formulated and demanded in governance and policy documents is thus personally competent, but the identity for the subject Swedish language is relatively weak, says Lena Manderstedt.

The conclusion of her thesis is that the interplay between theory and practice is a "reality gap" that has not yet been overcome.