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Marie Nordlund
Marie Nordlund, lecturer at Luleå University. Photo: Lars Andersson

A day all about language

Published: 14 September 2015

European Day of Languages ​​was held for the first time in 2001 at the initiative of the Council of Europe and the EU to pay attention to the language and emphasize language learning. For this reason, Luleå University organizes a series of lectures on the theme of languages ​​on 25 September.

- We language professionals would like to highlight the language and its diversity. Most people realize the benefits of being able to speak languages, yet language study is not something that is given special priority. Maybe we can awaken a slumbering interest? We also see it as an opportunity to meet language teachers from primary and secondary schools and have a dialogue with them, but everyone interested in languages ​​are welcome, says Marie Nordlund, lecturer at Luleå University.

Something of interest for everyone

It is the second consecutive year that language researchers at the Department of Education, Language, and Teaching organizes a day filled with lectures. The theme of language should be seen in a broad sense.

- We have both research and more popular scientific presentations and hope it will be something of interest for everyone. This year we will also end the day with a question panel where participants can ask questions about language and where we who are presenting will try to answer as best we can, says Marie Nordlund.

Hope for many participants

The event is a way for Marie Nordlund with colleagues to meet like minded people and discuss language and language learning. The event is Mainly aimed at teachers out in the business, but all interested are welcome, and Marie Nordlund hope that as many people as possible come to listen to the lectures.

- It is a chance to learn something new, maybe be provoked, but especially a chance to uninhibitedly enjoy a day all about language!


Marie Nordlund

Nordlund, Marie - Senior Lecturer

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