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Photo: Lars Andersson
Nils Dverstorp, lecturer at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Lars Andersson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Grammar matrix can be seen through

Published: 22 March 2016

Grammar is perceived by many as elusive with its extensive terminology and complex structure. Nils Dverstorp, lecturer at Luleå University of Technology, argues that the initial chaos that a grammar students experiences is rapidly replaced with lucidity.

- One student described it as being able to see The Matrix, where perceived reality in fact is computer programmed, and that is a good analogy for it is the same with grammar. The language in all its richness is built up through a number of designs and they are no more complicated than one can learn to recognize them. When this occurs, The Matrix emerges, says Nils Dverstorp.

Feels chaotic

Most people rarely think about grammar. We learn a language from birth. But student teachers and other grammar students need a greater understanding than that.

- And not infrequently the first period of study feels really chaotic. That's because of two main reasons: the extensive terminology and complexity. Grammar is a continuum. The various elements requires each other and before you as a student understands the big picture, you must also understand the individual parts, explains Nils Dverstorp and adds that this is thankfully is a temporary problem.

- The whole picture comes after a period of study and it is important that students are made aware that it will be very confusing at first but it will fall into place eventually. Otherwise there is a risk that they lose the desire to subject.

Manages important knowledge

Nils Dverstorp mean that good grammar skills are especially important in a time like ours.

- We live in a world where you could soon find any knowledge with a click of a button and therefore it is especially important that we have someone who manages knowledge this.