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Ingemar Friberg
Ingemar Friberg, Senior Lecturer at Luleå University. Photo: Lars Anderson

Wants to strengthen teachers' identity

Published: 2 June 2015

The schools need for measurable results and business control risks depriving teachers of their identity and professional pride. This according to Ingemar Friberg, Senior Lecturer at Luleå University.

- The risk of control and profit fixation is that teachers are deprived of what makes them a good professional. The work loses its soul if there is no room for development of their own practical knowledge and skills, says Ingemar Friberg who recently published the book Swedish teacher's influence and practice: in search of the art of teaching along with Bo Renberg.

Degrades the profession

Ingemar Friberg feel that society in general and services in particular are increasingly moving towards instrumentalised working practices. A development that he believes leads to a degradation of, among other things, the teaching profession.

- More and more professions today have requirements beyond the traditional professional field and it leads to the mechanization of work. The risk is that the people are depleted of their working situation and professional life does not give space for our own ability. Which in turn means that we are deprived of our professional pride, says Ingemar Friberg and continues.

- This book is a social marker that we feel are important and we hope that it can lead to an understanding of the problems within our profession.

Methodical map

The publication, which is aimed at aspiring and professional active teachers, gives concrete examples of how best to address the teaching and the contact with the students.

- To be a good teacher requires more than theoretical knowledge. You must also be able to transfer your knowledge in practical actions. We are trying to provide scientifically example of how to go about it, and paint a methodical map for the profession, says Ingemar Friberg.
Focus on the practical ability and a more humanist approach permeates the book.

- An important part of being a teacher is to ensure that every person is unique, says Ingemar Friberg.


Ingemar Friberg

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