Chapter in book

Processing L2 Vocabulary in Writing (2020)

Mäntylä. K, Lahtinen. S, Toropainen. O
Part of: First Language Influences on Multilingual Lexicons
Article in journal

Rethinking Cultural Appropriation in YA Literature Through Sámi and Arctic Pedagogies (2020)

Manderstedt. L, Palo. A, Kokkola. L
Children's Literature in Education
Conference paper

Används explicita grammatikregler under skrivprocessen? (2019)

Åberg. A, Lahtinen. S, Toropainen. O
Paper presented at : Nordand 14. Köpenhamn, Danmark, 27. - 29.5.2019.
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Apologising in Finnish and in Swedish as Learner Languages (2019)

Toropainen. O, Lahtinen. S
Part of: Studies in Comparative Pragmatics
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Avatarer i litteraturundervisningen (2019)

Thunberg. S
Part of: 2018