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Alumnus became honorary doctor

Published: 13 November 2015

Birgitta Olofsson, Vice CEO at Tyréns, belongs to the first batch of students graduated from the Master Programme in Civil Engineering 1982 at Luleå University of Technology. She has played a significant role in enabling more research on different subjects at university.

Today, the work Birgitta Olofsson Tyréns responsible for strategic development in the construction sector. Her lecture entitled "Development in a Changing World" focused largely on ongoing research projects where both Tyréns and Luleå University of Technology are involved. But also on how the world´s development are changing the business.

–  In the past, I used the slide ruler for calculation but now it is replaced by an iPad, it's a changing world, said Birgitta Olofsson.

Birgittas journey within the urban planning business began with a train journey from southern Östergötland to Luleå as a 19 years old. After graduation, she worked in state, municipal, listed and international companies as a consultant, mostly in sanitary engineering, waste management and environment.

Ongoing projects where Luleå University of Technology and Tyréns are involved togheter; Attract, JVTC - Luleå Railway Research Center, Geo-BIM / Trust and BESTyr. One area that has given the company completely new areas of contacts are IoT - Internet of Things, in which Tyréns cooperates with the largest companies in the IT sector.