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Doctoral student wins prize at conference for European paper industry

Published: 17 December 2021

Taraka Rama Krishna Pamidi, PhD student in technical acoustics at Luleå University of Technology, won a fine award at the annual Paper & Beyond conference for the European paper industry.

Taraka Rama Krishna Pamidi's Energy Efficient Treatment of Cellulose Fibers by Ultrasound Controlled Cavitation project was one of the three winners in the Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Award, which aims to promote young researchers working in the paper industry's value chain from forest management through industrial processes to finished products.

Taraka Rama Krishna Pamidi - Diploma

"Due to limited fossil fuels and rising energy costs, energy saving has become increasingly important in the pulp industry. My focus is on how to develop a method for energy-efficient pulp processing. The proposed method shows promising results for a better energy-efficient refining process," says Taraka Rama Krishna Pamidi.

The winners will have the opportunity to visit a company or paper mill in a different part of Europe than their normal place of residence. They are also given the opportunity to present their projects to global forest industries and their executives at CEO Roundtable, organized by the ICFPA (International Council of Forest & Paper Associations).

"This award gives me exciting new contacts and will help me in my future career," says Taraka Rama Krishna Pamidi.

Cavitation is the formation of vapour cavities in a liquid – i.e. small liquid-free zones ("bubbles" or "voids") – that are the consequence of forces acting upon the liquid. It usually occurs when a liquid is subjected to rapid changes of pressure that cause the formation of cavities where the pressure is relatively low. When subjected to higher pressure, the voids implode and can generate an intense shock wave. / Wikipedia