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Arne Nykänen, Associate Professor at Luleå University of Technology 2018 Photo: Richard Renberg
Arne Nykänen, Associate Professor at Luleå University of Technology 2018 Photo: Richard Renberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Success story: SSF Strategic Mobility

Published: 16 April 2020

Arne Nykänen, Associate Professor of Engineering Acoustics, tells a story of his project that received funding through Strategic Mobility program from SSF.

Tell us a little about this project

"We used technology from the computer game world and combined it with building acoustic models to sound VR models of built environments. In this way, it becomes possible to listen to sound environments before they are available. The models should be used to give a better understanding of how different solutions affect sound environments when decisions are to be made in building and infrastructure projects. I worked on this for a year at Tyréns."

Do you have any advice for others seeking funding from SFF strategic mobility?

"Strategic mobility encourages researcher mobility between industry and academia. SSF finances research that is strategically important for Sweden's future competitiveness. It is therefore important to emphasize how your project will contribute to Sweden's competitiveness. It is also important to show that you who are applying have strategically important skills that are lacking at the receiving company / institution, and that the receiving environment provides unique conditions for you to develop. The exchange can go from university to company and from company to university. We have also previously had a guest researcher in our Ericsson group funded by Strategic Mobility. It gave us many exciting ideas and new knowledge. If you do not want to apply for a job yourself in the industry, it is a good idea to encourage industry partners to apply for a year at Luleå University of Technology."

What are you working on now?

"I continue to work on integrating audio technology from the computer game world into new applications. Right now, I work with Volvo Construction Equipment. We are researching how sound feedback affects the behavior of truck operators. We use software and technology from computer games to design and test different audio feedback both in simulators and in real machines. The goal is to help operators run more time and energy efficiently."

Arne Nykänen

Arne Nykänen, Associate Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 492139
Organisation: Engineering Acoustics, Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Ekaterina Osipova

Ekaterina Osipova, Specialist - Research Funding

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Organisation: VSS-PUEK, Professional Support