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Daniel Hedman årets lärare 2017
Daniel Hedman, Postgraduate student in Applied Physics at Luleå University of Technology, receives the Best Teacher award in 2017 from the Student union of engineering. Photo: Hanzhu Zhang. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Teacher of the year inspires with his research

Published: 20 November 2017

The Award for Best Teacher 2017 by the Student union of engineering at Luleå University of Technology is awarded to Daniel Hedman, PhD student in Applied Physics at Luleå University of Technology. Here he tells about his teaching role and his research, and why he started as a postgraduate student.

– It feels great to get the price! I had never expected to get the award as the teacher of the year. It's very exciting to know that my students appreciate me as a teacher and now I'm extra motivated for the next time I teach. I would like to thank all my previous students who nominated me, says Daniel Hedman, who teaches the courses Mechanics II, Physics 1, and supvervises students who do project and thesis work.

Appreciates tricky questions

Daniel Hedman works as a doctoral student in Applied Physics. He succesfully combines both roles by communicating his enthusiasm for research to the classroom as well. And he likes when the students put him to the test.

– The best thing about working as a teacher is the interaction with the students. I am always pleasantly surprised by the students' clever questions that force me to think extra hard. It's a great feeling when students solve difficult problems by combining their own ideas along with the knowledge they learned in the course.

Important to show interest

Daniel Hedman thinks it is important to show interest in the subject you teach, even it differs from one's research area. It is important to give the students the right amount of help but ultimately, they must find the knowledge they need to solve new problems they encounter.

Nils Almqvist, Associate professor of Experimental Physics, is a teacher colleague who meant a lot to Daniel.

– Nils has been my role model and mentor ever since I started teaching. He enjoys to share his educational skills and is open to suggestions for new ideas to the course Mechanics II that we teach together. So thank you Nils!

Physics and computers attracted

What made Daniel Hedman choose the academic career is that he has always been interested in science, especially physics.

– When the university applied for doctoral students to Applied Physics, it was obvious to me that I should apply! Especially since the project was about performing numerical simulations, which fits perfectly with my other great interest – computers.

Daniel Hedman works in the Department of Materials Science, which researches new exciting materials such as high entropy alloys for extreme applications, 3D-printed titanium for for space applications and new nanomaterials for next-generation of solar cells.

Uses Sweden's fastest computers

– In my research project I investigate the growth of single-walled coal nanotubes together with my supervisor, Professor Andreas Larsson. I use density functional theory, advanced modeling based on quantum mechanics, along with Sweden's fastest supercomputers to investigate the stability of carbon nanotubes and how their interaction with catalytic metals affects growth. It is important to understand the fundamental mechanisms behind the growth of carbon nanotubes. To be able to control the growth in order to get carbon nanotubes with uniform properties. If you are successful in this, carbon nanotubes can be used for future materials such as transistors, solar cells, electrical conductors, space elevators, and more!


Daniel Hedman

Hedman, Daniel - Doktorand

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