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Publications at Applied Physics

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DFT insights into surface properties of anti-perovskite 3D topological crystalline insulators (2021)

A case study of (001) surfaces of Ca3SnO
Bilal. M, Alay-e-Abbas. S, Sluydts. M, Batool. J, Laref. A, Abbas. G, et al.
Physics Letters A, Vol. 408
Article in journal

Direct method for MD simulations of collision-induced absorption (2021)

application to an Ar–Xe gas mixture
Fakhardji. W, Szabó. P, Gustafsson. M
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer
Article in journal

Formation of the BeH+ and BeD+ Molecules in Be+ + H/D Collisions Through Radiative Association (2021)

Szabo. P, Góger. S, Gustafsson. M
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, Vol. 8
Article in journal

Giant negative electrocaloric effect in antiferroelectric La-modified PbZrO3 thin films within wide temperature range (2021)

Geng. W, Zheng. D, Qiao. X, Wang. X, Zhang. L, Bi. K, et al.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 886
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Impact of training and validation data on the performance of neural network potentials (2021)

A case study on carbon using the CA-9 dataset
Hedman. D, Rothe. T, Johansson. G, Sandin. F, Larsson. J, Miyamoto. Y
Carbon Trends, Vol. 3
Article in journal

Improved thermoelectric performance of Bi-deficient BiCuSeO material doped with Nb, Y, and P. (2021)

Yusupov. K, Inerbaev. T, Råsander. M, Pankratova. D, Concina. I, Larsson. J, et al.
Article in journal

Multifunctionality in (K,Na)NbO3-based ceramic near polymorphic phase boundary (2021)

Wang. X, Lou. X, Geng. W, Yao. Y, Tao. T, Liang. B, et al.
Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 130, nr. 6