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Mixing green liquor dregs and till to cover mining waste

Published: 25 March 2015

Several R&D projects have been implemented in recent years aiming to improve coarse till and reduce its hydraulic conductivity.

Since 2009, green liquor dregs (GLD) chemical and physical properties have been studied at Luleå University of Technology in a project financed by Formas. Further, SP Processum has funded a study to investigate the economic and technical potential in the use of GLD. Dregs from 5 different have been compared and the technical and economic conditions on the transport and mixing of GLD with till have been assessed.

Material availability, equipment efficiency and logistics for the production of sealing materials have been investigated in a pilot study  conducted during the summer of 2014 at Brännkläppen landfill in Boden.

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A guidance is prepared in connection with the R&D project "Remediation of waste rock using till modified with green liquor ".

The guidance is developed by Ramboll Sweden, Ragn-Sells, Ecoloop AB, MTC, Boliden Mineral, Luleå University of Technology. The project was funded by the participants and SP Processum, Norrbotten Forskningsråd, and Boliden Mineral.

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