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Development of dry cover solutions for sulphidic mine waste

Published: 23 September 2014

This project is mainly focused on alternative materials that could be used in cover systems constructed on potentially acid forming mine waste as oxygen and water barrier in order to minimize ARD.

The proposed cover system will primarily be based on desulphurised tailings or local till. Other industrial residues will be used to improve the desulphurised tailings or local till to produce an adequate material that fulfill the technical requirements. The main focus will be to use Green liquor dregs (GLD) to improve the desulphurized tailings or local till.

Material mixing, pretreatment, and compacting is essential to the success of the construction and efforts should therefore put to define the quality criteria for the material mixture production, and also on the evaluation of the covers system efficiency at field conditions.
Overall objectives:  
Develop guidance and quality control system of cover materials containing desulphurised tailings and till, solely or in combination with other materials. Evaluate the performance of the cover function in laboratory scale and in field applications on waste rock.

Susanne Nigéus

Nigéus, Susanne - PhD Student

Organisation: Soil Mechanics