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StopOx - Utilization of Industrial Residuals for Prevention of Sulphide Oxidation in Mine Wastes

The main aim of this project is to develop guidelines and methods to further reduce sulfide oxidation in the tailings and waste rock. Sulphide oxidation is the main cause of emissions of metalliferous water, and one of the most challenging environmental problems to solve.

The materials and methods used today for coverage of tailings after mine closure must be improved, and solutions to inhibit sulphide oxidation during operation must be developed and implemented. In this project, Boliden’s desulfurized tailings will be developed to a potential material in the cover system. For improving and guaranteeing that the desulfurized tailings and alternative local till (as a second choice) will fulfill the requirement for a cover, other residues from other industries will be used. Residues will also be used for the inhibition of sulfide oxidation. This project aims to reduce the waste that must be disposed of, reduce the consumption and transport of virgin natural resources, and ensure and improve coverage systems.