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Young scientists iron fishing in the Råne-Kalix archipelago. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Iron fishing in the Råne-Kalix archipelago

Published: 2 April 2014

With Brändön as base camp PhD students with tutors from several European countries had the opportunity to take water and sediment samples under the ice in both Råne and Kalix archipelago during three days. The mission is part of The Marie Curie Network, MetTrans. The network is led from Oxford in England where the university is one of the parties.

The research in Applied geology at the university is very much about iron and why iron can contribute to the Gulf of Bothnia, which is nutrient-poor, while the southern Baltic is nutritious.

- We have never taken samples under the ice in these estuaries before. We will examine the presence and behavior of different isotope systems in the samples, says Sarah Conrad, PhD student at the university.


Photos by Sarah Conrad, Luleå University of Technology, and Siggi Gislason from the university in Reykjavik

For the majority of participants collecting samples on the frozen rivers was very exotic and everyone appreciated their visit in northern Sweden.

- We were very lucky with the weather. It is rare with ice without snow, it meant that we got to use the hovercrafts to get out instead of snowmobiles, says Johan Ingri, professor of environmental geochemistry at Luleå University of Technology.

Sampling is included in the students education, during the meeting the students could learn how to use different sampling methods. The samples will be analyzed with various analytical methods, the results allow a calibration of the methods.

Kalix is ​​internationally known, because it is a world's most studied water system, which also adds to the interest.

MetTrans is a four-year Marie Curie Initial Training Network of leading European research groups in both academic and industrial institutions, which addresses outstanding issues in the migration of metals in the environment.

The Network is dedicated to providing young scientists with high quality personalised training in both research and complementary skills.

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