New innovative project in Environmental Forensics at Luleå University of Technology

Published: 9 October 2017

In the project Waterface - Environmental Forensics, the ambition is to develop innovative, world-leading commercial products, analytical methods and interpretation tools to track and quantify pollutants and sources of pollution.

Increasingly sophisticated analytical methods and ways of evaluating environmental impact are demanded by industry, government and consumers. Especially in complex environments where there are numerous sources of high levels of pollution in water, soil, sediment, vegetation and animals, it can be difficult to identify and quantify the importance of the different sources.

At a workshop in Luleå, the first results of the project were presented to potential users. Environmental technology in the broadest sense is a future industry that has strong growth and good export opportunities for Swedish companies whose knowledge is in the front line, we are also strong in research and innovation. Population growth, urbanization and higher living standards in major parts of the world provide global future challenges such as increased need for natural resources and with that, a greater environmental impact.

"It is therefore important that effects can be traced before the consequences become serious and important that sources of pollution can be identified so that effective measures can be taken," says Anders Widerlund, Associate Professor in Applied Geochemistry at Luleå University of Technology.

"We will work with advanced isotopic analyzes that can generate innovative, state-of-the-art products for polluting sources and long-term environmental and water management. This could result in the development of small and medium-sized companies, "says Anders Widerlund.

The Waterface project is funded by the Swedish Agency for Growth and County Administrative Board in Norrbotten and is conducted in the subject of Applied Geochemistry at Luleå University of Technology, in collaboration with the Luleå-based companies ALS Scandinavia AB and Vatten & Miljöbyrån (The Water & Environmental Agency).

Anders Widerlund

Widerlund, Anders - Associate Professor

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