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Riktade medel B4E 2019-2020

Publicerad: 30 mars 2020

Hydrophobic adsorbents for efficient CO2 separation from industrially relevant gas mixtures


The objective of the project is to develop efficient adsorbents for CO2 separation from industrially relevant gas mixtures. As such mixtures usually are saturated with water vapour, it is essential that the adsorbent is hydrophobic. Furthermore, to arrive at an efficient process, the cost of the adsorbent material must be sufficiently low, the adsorption capacity sufficiently high, the adsorption and desorption kinetics sufficiently good, the selectivity sufficiently high and the energy consumption of the process sufficiently low. Furthermore, an advantage is if the adsorbent material itself can be prepared from renewable resources and is very stable.

The new aspects of the project of strategic importance for Bio4Energy are:

  • The project focuses on hydrophobic adsorbents, which is a new and more specialized area with higher industrial relevance than already ongoing research.

  • The project will investigate recently developed hydrophobic biomaterials for CO2 adsorption for the first time.

  • The project encompass a new research constellation with complementary expertise in Bio4Energy, including Hedlunds group (LTU), Oksmans group (LTU) and Mikkolas group (Åbo Akademi).

  • The development of bio-based CO2 adsorbents is relatively new within bio4energy.



Shiyu Geng

Shiyu Geng, Biträdande universitetslektor

Telefon: 0920-491968
Organisation: Trä och bionanokompositer, Materialvetenskap, Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik