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Three dissertations about the wood industry

Published: 12 August 2016

In June, three researchers in Wood Science and Engineering at Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå presented their dissertations. Common to these studies is that they aim to strengthen the Swedish timber industry.

Ola Dagbros thesis is about to increase the knowledge on industrial scale thermal modifications of wood and also about how trust building processes can develop in research alliances. The objective was to compare properties of thermally modified wood produced with different technologies currently used in Sweden and Finland. Furthermore, increased knowledge on collaboration and trust building processes in alliances involving academia and industry is needed but very few studies are available. The study will therefore contribute to increase the understanding of such processes.

Bjorn Källander has in his research worked with drying and thermal modification of wood and examined how the wood is affected by sample size, batch size and climate. The study is about how the dimension of the material being treated and the size of the batch and the chamber affect the process and resulting wood properties. The work aims to improve climate control during industrial processes and to simplify utilization of results from tests in laboratories in industrial production.

Samuel Forsman has studied how joinery products processes can be streamlined through resource-efficient production thinking and 3-D sensing technologies. Provision of highly refined joinery products to the construction industry is a new area of ​​research and the industry has been criticized for a lack of quality and efficiency. The development of Lean production principles and supply chain management innovations are commonly proposed to increase the degree of industrialization in the construction industry.

Read more about the results of the research from the links to the respective thesis.