714 Visible wood / Swedish pine

Published: 8 October 2014

The aim is to develop an action plan to develop Swedish pine.

Range: Common to TCN
Budget: 500 000
Timetable: October - December 2014
Project Manager: Dick Sandberg, SP Wood

Funding: This project is included in the project TräCentrum North in 2014 with funding from the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten, Västerbotten Region, Skellefteå, Piteå Municipality, Luleå University of Technology and TCNS industry partners .


A screening has been done with TCNS parties, as well as some other actors including Swedish wood, about how they see the opportunities to increase sales volume, value and profitability of Swedish pine, and if and how to work with new products and markets. The strategy for the industry to address the problem in the short term is relatively clear. Ideas about how the value of Swedish pine to be maintained or increased in the long term is of more / much more varied approach. It shows the complexity of the issue. Surely, however, is to change the market's preference for Swedish pine is a very long-term "project" in which several actors to operate in different parts of the value chain.

Base to be the activity that has successfully conducted within the timber research in Skellefteå for decades. The action referred to be developed can be summarized in three levels:

Basprocesser operations are based in the timber research.

Broadening the use of Swedish pine is the focus area specific concerns the action that is currently being formulated and will be built up of specific projects to broaden the use of Swedish pine for the first "visible wood", where:

  • the positive values ​​found in Swedish pine taken advantage of (environmental, technical, aesthetic qualities, etc.)
  • weaknesses of Swedish pine bridged by example modifier
  • focus is on commercial products

Promota to change the attitude towards Swedish pine wood Skelleftea this will be a support for including develop the basic facts of Swedish pine, demonstrate interesting applications etc..