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BERTIM – building energy renovation through timber prefabricated modules

Published: 26 September 2016

About 40% of the overall energy consumption in Europe is related to the building sector and represents about 1/3 of Europe’s CO2 emissions. Successful accomplishment of the emission reduction target by 2050, involves the need to increase the rate of retrofitting of the inefficient building stock up to 2.9%. In order to increase the renovation rate, more efficient renovation processes from design to manufacturing phase are needed.

The use of prefabricated modules for renovation reduces on-site works, installation time, works intrusiveness, minimising the consumption of raw material; however there is a need to define holistic methodologies to adapt prefabrication processes to individual renovation solutions as well as to mass production, linked to computer design tools.

Answering the mentioned needs, BERTIM will provide: (1) High energy performance prefabricated modules for deep renovation, integrating windows, insulation materials, collective HVAC systems, renewable energy systems and energy supply systems. The modules will be based on timber and recyclable materials for a low carbon footprint. The assembly system will guarantee a very short installation time and low disturbance to tenants. (2) An innovative holistic renovation process methodology based on a digital workflow from design to installation phase. In order to support the renovation process, a renovation project design tool oriented to SME integrating BIM with CAD/CAM tools and assuring the interoperability with CNC machines for mass manufacturing processes will be developed and implemented in three industrial settings. (3) Affordable business opportunities for different stakeholders as potential leaders in the launching of the renovation process. The whole renovation process and the developed timber modules will be validated in a full-scale research infrastructure, and then they will be demonstrated in two real buildings in two different climatic zones (southern and northern Europe).


Horizon 2020 - The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


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