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New possibilities for CLT (cross-laminated timber)

Published: 23 March 2016

The goal of the project is to increase knowledge about how the properties of CLT can be varied for increased usage. Also to investigate how CLT can be manufactured efficiently and how to introduce CLT in the existing building processes. In addition to apply to for funding in Horizon 2020 for an expansion and continuation of the project.

Granted research and innovation projects, September 2015-May 2018

5 partners: LTU, SP, Centria, LUAS, Digipolis

Collaborative projects: Sweden-Finland, Northern Region

Economy: The total budget 1.3Meuro, funded by the EU Interreg North 66%, Lapin Liitto 11%, Skellefteå Municipality 10%, 13% partners.







CLT is a material that has existed for some time and has been used on a limited scale. An increased knowledge of properties of existing CLT and new variants of CLT expands opportunities to use CLT in various construction processes. New versions of CLT for use in old and new applications, such as bridges, tall buildings, along with glulam, etc. and cross-border cooperation in the Northern region gives opportunities for the region's businesses. CLT can replace steel and concrete in many applications

Five activities

WP1 application H2020: H2020 create an application with more partners to continue / expand the project

WP2 new design solutions for CLT: CLT with tailored properties and design of effective joint solutions for CLT.

WP3 rapid prototyping: mapping of existing CLT solutions and manufacturers. Activation of opportunities for rapid prototyping.

WP 4 construction quality: testing and testing of CLT. Increased opportunities for CLT in the humid climate (outdoor).

WP5 construction process: how to CLT integrated into today's existing building processes.


Steering/control / reference group: one from each partner (max 5), one of the financiers, industrialists (2-3), administrator (1), the total number of 8-10 people. 1-2 meetings / year, Chairman Mats E (project). Matters: delegation of work to WP leaders, monitoring of performance, general decisions.

Project Manager -> 5 WP leaders -> project workers.

WP-leader is responsible for coordinating and implementing the detailed work plans, schedules and performance reports for all partners in each WP. Partners meet when necessary, in person or by distance.