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Published: 20 August 2019

The project aims to improve the current concepts of saw timber strength grading towards more flexible and adaptive approaches prior to conversion at the raw material stage to make best use of Europe's wood resources.


– Develop roundwood strength grading approaches for different specifications of construction timber or glulam, for contrasting industrial production systems of large high-end saw mills or smaller rural saw mills in European regions. Develop approaches for a continous flow of wood quality information in the wood value chain for optimised strength grading.

Expected effects and results

– Combined knowledge in log X-ray and CT scanning, sawing optimization, traceability and sawn timber strength grading to develop combined log and board strength grading concepts supported by newest technology.
– Application of the novel concepts to important softwood species of European economic relevance and to regional, less used softwood species in the research design will enable a synchronous evolution of strength grading applicable for all softwood species;
– Grant new insights in the strengths and weaknesses of each species with respect to construction timber products.

Planned arrangement and implementation

– Novel strength grading scenarios for timber will be defined based on proven industrial standard and recent technology in roundwood scanning. Interviews in the sawmill industry to depict the scanning technology and grading specifics and adapt new approaches for regional sawmill industry.
– 1200 logs of softwoods from Sweden, Austria and Germany and their sawn boards will be characterised and tested for strength. Information will be collected according to a joined protocol for cross-referencing in data analysis and strength modelling.

Partner consortium

The partner consortium in the project consists of LTU (coordination), RISE (, NORRA Timber ( in Sweden, Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg, FVA ( in Germany and Holzforschung Austria, HFA ( in Austria.


Olof Broman

Olof Broman, Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)910 585325
Organisation: Wood Science and Engineering, Wood Science and Engineering, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics