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Jonas Turesson

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Wood Science and Engineering
Wood Science and Engineering
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)910 585357
A177D Skellefteå


Article in journal

Experimental assessment of the annual growth ring’s impact on the mechanical behavior of temperate and tropical species (2020)

Nziengui. C, Turesson. J, Pitti. R, Ekevad. M
BioResources, Vol. 15, nr. 2, s. 4282-4293
Article in journal

Finite element analysis of bending stiffness for cross-laminated timber with varying board width (2019)

Berg. S, Turesson. J, Ekevad. M, Huber. J
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 14, nr. 6, s. 392-403
Article in journal

Impact of board width on in-plane shear stiffness of cross-laminated timber (2019)

Turesson. J, Berg. S, Ekevad. M
Engineering structures, Vol. 196
Article in journal

In-plane Shear Modulus of Cross-laminated Timber by Diagonal Compression Test (2019)

Berg. S, Turesson. J, Ekevad. M, Björnfot. A
BioResources, Vol. 14, nr. 3, s. 5559-5572
Article in journal

Picture frame and diagonal compression testing of cross-laminated timber (2019)

Turesson. J, Björnfot. A, Berg. S, Ekevad. M, Tomasi. R
Materials and Structures, Vol. 52, nr. 4