Jan Moritz, President Ljungberg Fund

Ljungberg Fund invests

Published: 21 December 2011

The Ljungberg Fund has donated 100,000 SEK for the marketing of wood and timber University technology programs. It is important for Sweden to develop wood, timber and sustainable wood construction University technology programs, in order to meet the expected future demand in the related skilled labor market. The 100,000 SEK has been allocated to the Luleå University of Technology, at Campus Skellefteå, for program development during 2012-2013, said Jan Moritz, Ljungberg Fund's Managing Director.

He believes that it is important to widely market the university’s wood technology programs that are offered by LTU Skellefteå. The goal of this effort is to provide information to prospective students, universities, sawmill companies and wood product development companies.

The Ljungberg Fund’s overall objective is to increase the interest and improve the quality of science and technology-oriented education, including industrial education and forest in Sweden. The focus is on the Swedish forest industry, explains Jan Moritz.

Erik Johan Ljungberg was the service manager at Stora Kopparberg Bergslags AB, between 1875 and 1913.  Erik has been described as one of the all-time greatest industrialists. The Ljungberg Fund together with other stakeholders and funders has resulted in higher educational investments.